What can we do in exceptional times: When schools, universities and workplaces are closing; when markets are falling; when the shelves in the shops are emptying as people stockpile, not knowing when they will next be able to buy staple food items; and when people are being asked to self-isolate?


At Delicious Ideas Food Group (DIFG), we decided that no amount of worrying could change the natural course of unfolding events. And so we decided to focus and reflect upon those things that have helped us grow as a business in the years preceding this unparalleled period. 


What are those things? Quite simply, a family dedicated to working in synergy with foodservice businesses and suppliers across the country. Plus an outstanding team that has helped transform DIFG from a man and van operation in the early 90s into a thriving food production, packing, and distribution centre relied upon by thousands of caterers throughout the UK.


Our team’s belief and hard work is the very thing that has helped us to grow, year on year, at such a fast rate. It is these same attributes that will help us, and the contract caterers and suppliers we work with, to persevere through these testing times and emerge triumphant.


Since we started in business, financial challenges have come and gone. Similarly, Coronavirus has come—and it will go! According to the Prime Minister and his medical aides, within twelve weeks the tide will turn.


The most important thing is that when this happens we are poised and ready to forge ahead just as we were doing before the virus arrived. 


While we wait for the situation to pass, and while the noise of businesses moving at speed temporarily dampens, it’s worth taking a moment’s pause to reflect upon the incredible resolve and ingenuity of people, and the indomitable resilience of the human spirit. 


Because the truly great things that make life worth living aren’t the profits we make. They’re the people around us. The people we know and love who elevate us and make our success possible.


We know that many foodservice companies and the sites we work with are going through difficult and troubling times. And to them – to you, if you are reading this and are of those deeply affected  – we want you to know that we’re here to help. 


Remember, beyond this pandemic, we will up our game and continue on the trajectory of double-digit growth that characterised the first two months of 2020. 


And, with that in mind, we’d love to be a part of your emerging growth story by helping you to do the same.


Please feel free to drop us a line and share your stories. At the end of the day, we’re in this together.


The DIFG Team













Healthy Vegan Snacks Tantalise Tastebuds at Champions League Special…


Whether it’s kick-off, half-time or full-time, people need a meaningful energy boost to keep them going.


At the event, facilitated by Delicious Ideas Food Group and hosted by BT Sports, Pulsin became the flavour of the day, satisfying peckish sports and media executives with bite-sized chunks of slow-release-energy goodness.


At one of Lexington Catering’s biggest sites, Pulsin’s varied offering of tasty snack bars met a warm reception. ‘The samples disappeared in no time at all’ said one of the 150 attendees. ‘For people of a sporting persuasion, the absence of refined sugar and other nasties and the presence of plant-based goodness are always going to be well received. Pulsin snacks are a definite winner.’














So we’ve hit 2020 and we know that everyone’s eager to find out what the prevailing food trends will be.

But you don’t have to be a food sleuth to find out. A quick stroll along the major supermarket aisles quickly confirms one thing…

The vegans have landed!

And according to predictions, by 2025 they’ll be millions more…





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Heritage. Legacy. Tradition. These are just some of the words that help sum

up Britain’s most beloved biscuits! Oh…Huntley and Palmers

…how how you’ve been missed! But guess what? 

They’re back. With Jingle bells on. Dressed up in colourful

glittering plastic-free wrappers and distributed EXCLUSIVELY by DIFG.









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What’s REALLY involved in achieving BRC AA Status? DIFG Director, Emma Smith, reveals all…


Scratch the surface of any sizeable business and beneath it you will find a regulatory body. According to the National Audit Office, there are 90 regulatory bodies, with an annual expenditure of £4billion. Why so much regulation at such high cost? Ultimately, it’s to protect consumers.


With little surprise, there are few sectors that undergo a higher level of scrutiny than the food sector. From provenance, supply chains and allergens to human rights and the environment, the industry is always under the microscope, a fact that Delicious Ideas Food Group (DIFG) Director, Emma Smith, knows only too well.


Here, she talks about the challenges of attaining and maintaining BRC AA Accreditation at Peterborough’s largest national snack packaging, production and distribution centre. 





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