Vegan & Gluten Free Cake Slice Selection


Baked treats don’t have to be boring if you’re Gluten-Free or Vegan. With our bakery range, you can enjoy ALL the deliciousness suited to your dietary requirements. Enjoy your favourite treats including flapjacks and brownies suitable for you.

Our Vegan and Gluten Free cake slice selection includes:

  • Chocolate Orange Brownie
  • Cherry & Almond Granola Bar
  • Chocolate Orange Flapjack
  • Chocolate & Ginger Flapjack
  • Coconut & Apricot Cereal Bar

There are 25 slices in 1 box.

SKU: F000310

Chocolate Orange Brownie, Cherry & Almond Granola Bar, Chocolate Orange Flapjack, Chocolate & Ginger Flapjack, Coconut & Apricot Cereal Bar

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